Pre-K. Course Options

The program improves a child’s physical fitness, stimulates whole brain and body use, enhances motor skill development, sensory integration and self-esteem while also improving social and stress management skills. Equipment such as balance beams, vaulters, ladders, hoops and wedges are used to develop locomotor skills. Tumbling and Yoga are also incorporated.

Students will develop and strengthen both technological and educational skills giving them a competitive  advantage as they embark on new learning situations. The curriculum changes each year including software and new projects.

Around the World Adventure is an afternoon enrichment program that offers an introduction to geography and celebrates diversity. The children “travel” around the country and the world learning about habitats and world cultures. They experience different customs, clothing, celebrations, learn about famous landmarks, etc. Multicultural awareness is developed through hands on activities and intellectually stimulating experiences.

Creative Drama is a half year enrichment program providing language arts experiences and an opportunity for creative self-expression through dramatic play, and dramatic interpretation of literature, puppetry, and Five storytelling using scenery, props and costumes. Five Senses is an enrichment program than enhances awareness and perception of the environment through the use of the senses: smell, taste, hearing, touch, sight. A major component is science. Through the discovery method, children develop confidence and critical thinking skills. This class is part of our five day Pre-K program that meets on Friday mornings.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM Team is a math enrichment program. This program is a math class that allows children to explore with blocks, parquetry, geoboards, measuring cups,.etc The hands on approach leads to an understanding of math concepts and provides opportunities to explore and practice critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, measurement, tangram, tessellation, probability, and drawing structures.

Book Nook is an afternoon enrichment program designed to enhance language development and promote emerging literacy by focusing on several prominent children’s authors and illustrators. Each month culminates with the children creating their own book based on the inspiration received from the authors and illustrators studied.

PESA is a sports enrichment class that introduces the students to different sports and the fundamentals that lie within those sports. The program enhances cognitive and motor skills through sports and exercise in a fun and safe environment.

The Kidsclub program provides an added dimension in preschool programming. All classes are theme-based, varied, and fun. The Kidsclub modules include: Yummy Tummy, Puppet Party, Wacky Woodworking, Blast Off, Squish and Squash, Mango Tango Café, Class with Trash, Digging in the Stone Age.

Melody Makers is a music enrichment program where students will dance, sing, draw, play instruments, read books about music, make their own instruments, and have fun!  Melody Makers is part of our Wednesday LB+ option.  Melody Makers will support your child’s developmental milestones as music supports listening, fine and gross motor skills, encourages social interaction and fosters creativity.  Students will be introduced to the following basic music concepts:

  • High and low pitches
  • Musical notes moving up, down or repeating
  • Rhythm
  • Steady beat
  • Loud and soft
  • Fast and slow